perps. features

Perpstech is a sophisticated trading platform designed to offer users a comprehensive and intuitive trading experience. Built on robust blockchain technology, the platform seamlessly integrates advanced trading functionalities with user-friendly interfaces. Let's dive into the standout features of Perpstech:

1. On-Chain Perpetual Contracts

Harness the power of decentralized finance with perpstech on-chain perpetual contracts. Experience unparalleled transparency and security as every transaction, and contract execution is processed on-chain, ensuring tamper-proof operations.

2. Long & Short Positions

  • Long Positions: Believe in the potential of an asset? Go long and profit from any upward price movement. With perpstech, taking a long position is straightforward, allowing traders to capitalize on bullish market sentiments.
  • Short Positions: Anticipate a price decline? Perpstech's platform empowers traders to short assets, enabling them to profit from bearish market trends. Execute shorts with ease and hedge against potential downturns.

3. Dynamic Price Feeds

Stay updated with real-time price feeds sourced directly from the Friendtech Shares. Make informed trading decisions backed by accurate and timely market data.

4. Advanced Order Types

Perpstech will supports a variety of order types, catering to both novice traders and seasoned professionals. Whether it's market orders for immediate execution or limit orders for precision, perps has you covered.

5. Comprehensive Analytics & Reporting

Analyze your trading performance with detailed reports and analytics. From tracking individual trade outcomes to monitoring overall portfolio health, perps provides traders with the insights they need to refine their strategies.

6. Community & Education

Join a thriving community of traders, share insights, and learn from experts.

7. 24/7 Support

Got queries or need assistance? Perps' dedicated support team is available round the clock, ensuring that every user's experience is smooth and hassle-free.